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Help! I want a favicon, I mean blavatar

Let’s clear this up once and for all. You get a WordPress blog and then notice that other blogs don’t have the Word Press icon next to their URL in their address bar.


First, you have to know what the cute little thing is named. It is called a “favicon” due to it originally showing when you added a site to your favorites in Internet Explorer.*

Second, you need to that WP gave it their own name, Blavatar.  If you search for “favicon” in Word Press Help there are instructions on how to add your own:


Response-o-Matic form

Even in html only mode, WP strips out the code that lets Response-o-Matic work on sites. Still no solution for needing forms and wanting a WP blog hosted at WP to avoid doing all the upgrades. WordPress lets you add polls now so maybe it is a matter of time.

Telephone Number
Email Address:
Your level?


Your Preference?


Comments or Questions?

free forms

Google docs free form

Google docs lets you create free forms and embed them in your web pages. You can embed the form in your TypePad site or Blogger site (duh, Google owns Blogspot/Blogger) but not a site hosted at WordPress or a SquareSpace site.

(See my futher comments at )

The embedded i-frame html gives you the below error.


As you can see, it does not work here, even pasting in the html editor after turning off the WYSIWYG editor in your user preferences.

By the way, this wysiwyg vs html editing issue is the cause of much frustration – read these forum posts if you are trying to paste in content from your other blogs or having trouble formatting your posts: